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Shopping for Skateboard Bearings

When it comes to buying skateboard bearings, there are bearings that will just get you by, and then there are high-quality, precision bearings built with performance and speed in mind. For those unaware, bearings “generally” have an ABEC rating from ABEC 3 to ABEC 7 (the higher the rating, the faster the bearing). If you’re new to skateboarding, a less expensive set of ABEC 3 bearings may be all you’ll need. However, if you’re a more seasoned skater, you already know you’re going for an ABEC 5 and up bearing, or you may even splurge on the best bearings in the market, Bones Swiss or Bones Swiss Ceramic bearings. At Kinetic Skateboarding, we have bearings for all skill levels including (but not limited to): Bones Reds, Bones Super Reds, Bones Swiss Ceramics, Shorty’s Black Panthers, Spitfire Classics, Shake Junt, Toy Machine, Mystery, and more. If you have any questions about skate bearings, please feel free to contact us. When you shop Kinetic, ALL purchases are TAX FREE, and if you spend $99 or more you’ll get Free Shipping. Shop online or stop by Kinetic Skateboarding in Wilmington, Delaware, today!