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Shopping for a Longboard Skateboard or Skate Cruiser? You’re in the Right Place!

Whether you need a longboards for some serious hill bombing, or a skate cruiser (aka cruiser board) to whip around the streets, Kinetic Skateboarding has plenty of longboards and cruiser boards to choose from. Disclaimer: both longboard skateboards and cruiser boards can be used for bombing hills or “leisurely” riding. It really all depends on your comfort level. Longboards and cruisers generally have larger, softer wheels and loose trucks. Why? Simple: this allows you to easily ride and maneuver over rocks, cracks and rough roads, elements that would quickly slow you down on a regular skateboard. This also means you can roll faster for longer, all with less pushing. If you need any help picking the right board, please contact us. Friendly reminder: ALL purchases are TAX FREE at Kinetic Skateboarding, meaning on average you’ll save $10 to $25 on longboards and cruisers by shopping Kinetic. Plus, nearly all models come with Free Shipping. Shop online or stop by Kinetic Skateboarding in Wilmington, Delaware, today!