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Skate Pants: Built for Skateboarding

Some pants are made for skateboarding. Others are not. Don’t get caught rockin’ pleated pants or size 40 JNCO Jeans (unless you’re a surgeon or avid rave enthusiast). They’re not built to withstand the rigors of daily skateboarding. If you’re a true skateboarder, you know that you need comfortable, durable skate pants that can endure the myriad of slams and daily abuse from skateboarding. As for styles, we carry straight leg, slim, regular, and relaxed fit (some stretch fit as well). Material: We generally carry jeans and khakis in the previously mentioned styles. If you have any specific questions in regard to sizing, pant length, et cetera, don’t hesitate to contact us. While shopping Kinetic, keep in mind ALL purchases are TAX FREE, and ALL orders over $99 include Free Shipping. Make your purchase online, or come stop by Kinetic Skateboarding in Wilmington, Delaware, today!