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Looking for new skateboard trucks? Whether you’re looking for low trucks, high trucks, narrow or wide, we got ‘em all! We have a large selection to suit each and every style of skateboarder. We carry skateboard trucks from top brands including Independent (aka Indys or Indy Truck Co.), Venture, Krux, Thunder, Royal, Theeve, Tensor, and more. We carry trucks for longboard skateboards and skate cruisers as well. Rule of thumb for newbies: Buy trucks that are the same width as your skateboard (i.e. if your deck is 8.0 inches wide, your trucks should be too). Then again, it all depends on how you like your setup. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Keep in mind: ALL purchases at Kinetic Skateboarding are TAX FREE! Plus, shipping is on us for all orders over $99. Shop skateboard trucks online or cop a set from Kinetic Skateboarding in Wilmington, Delaware, today!