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About Us


  • Beau Sluder

  • Giorgio Villone

    Hates cheese, skates fast, from Long Island but hates true New York skaters, etc....
  • John Devine

    If you think John talks to much, you're right. But once you see past his delco ways he's honestly a good guy.
  • Ronnie Kessner

    Jersey boy aka The Swig
  • Brannon John

    Brannon's a co-owner of the shop and has been ripping for years. Brannon is always looking for ways to improve the skate community in Wilmington and the surrounding area; advocating for skateparks, helping construction and planning at 7th street, and pushing for the Wilmington Skate Project. He's also out there skating and packing some of your orders when it's busy!
  • Joseph Pyle

    The last name says it all
  • Ian Coughlan

    Boston, New York , always down for Delaware!
  • Willy Akers

    Akers, he's a legend.
  • Mark Del Negro

    G to the street, lover to the shop
  • Anthony Tomasetti

    Anthony is a ripper. There's nothing else you need to know about this dude. anthony5blockbsflip2sized antkickflip anthony316bwolbacksidemelonsized